Letters From Customers

Read what our customers had to say about our prize-winning sauces....


Dear Carol and Whit:

Last night I made jerk chicken on the grill with the jerk seasoning's you suggested I try, and so happy I did buy them!!!!! One of them was Jamaican Country Style-Boston Jerk Seasoning-Very Hot & Spicy ( my husband loved it) and Walkerwood Traditional Jamaican Jerk Seasoning-Mild (which I loved). I marinated the chicken over night and never have I had flavor go all the way thru the meat before. I now have a new favorite meal!!! I don't ever want to run out of this Jerk seasoning. I can't wait to try it on pork and fish. Thank you again.


Renee Holliday Jurcik

Newport News, VA



Dear Mr. & Mrs. Merritt:

My boyfriend and I were at the Strawberry Festival not 2 days ago when we noticed your booth. We were not looking to buy anything just sort of browsing around when a very colorful bottle of wing sauce caught my eye. We love to eat wings, and we are always trying to find a good medium, between hot and mild, sauce as my boyfriend loves hot wings and I do not like mine so hot. I like to savor my wings. I believe we have found our medium sauce in your Crows Nest Wing Sauce. It has great flavor. It is not too hot nor too mild and it sticks to the wings. Do you know how hard it is to find a sauce that actually coats the wing? I just want to tell you how much we enjoyed your sauce. We also bought some of your marinade. Keep up the good work!


April Rathburn

Tampa, Florida


Hi Pyrate Isle:

.....on a more fun note. I was in a chili cook off in Thailand earlier this year. I told the judge that I made my chili pretty spicy. He told me that US spice wasn't as hot as Thai spice and it was no big deal. So I made a very hot pot with some of my pyrate aisle secret ingredients. We won #1 hottest but last overall because the judge said it was too hot for human consumption. Even as hot as it was, the crowd emptied the pot. Thanks again. U guys are defending our honor in spice battles around the world.

LT James Buchanan

Fleet Surgical Team Seven

Okinawa Japan